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The Week That Was – 2013.11.25

I’m trying a slightly different format this week.  The article titles I’m discussing are hyperlinked titles introducing the commentary.  I think this breaks it up a little better and lets you pick and choose more easily.  Let me know if you have an opinion one way or the other. This week we discuss Cryptolocker and […]

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A Brief Rant Regarding Facebook Privacy

Throwing metaphorical rocks at Facebook for the privacy practices seems to be pretty popular these days.  Here is a link to a recent effort showcased at the Hack In the Box conference.  Yes, you can reverse engineer Facebook’s social graph and stalk people.  Guess what, you can already stalk people on Facebook.  This is just […]

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The Week(s) that Was (Were) – 8/31/2012

It’s been a tough couple of weeks, sports fans.  I’ve not been good about keeping up on INFOSEC current events and sharing them out with you.  Here is a backlog that has a big blind spot from last week.  Feel free to make any article suggestions I should include from the blind spot and I’ll […]

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