The Week that Was – 2013.04.01

I was on vacation last week so the news this week is a bit stale, but there are still some good items in here.  For instance: A federal judge found National Security Letters (NSL) unconstitutional.  [7]  It appears the numbers of NSLs have been decreasing over the years, but violations of the Constitution are never […]

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The Week That Was – 10/22/2012

Welcome back, sports fans!  We’ve got a decent sized list of links this week.  One of the threads I picked up on was some lingering commentary on the Huawei and ZTE revelation last week.  And when I say revelation, I mean that the mainstream media recently picked up on it.  First, China rounded up 9,000 […]

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Picking at SCADA

Over the past month or two, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)  systems have seen an increased amount of attention.  These systems control many parts of our critical infrastructure including electricity, natural gas, petroleum, and water.  Disrupting these services could cause significant damage to the US, especially in time of conflict.  And, thanks to the […]

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