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The Week That Was – 2013.11.15

This week we have a wide spectrum of topics.  Facebook subtly calls out Adobe.  We discuss the nuance of malicious code on the International Space Station (ISS), which includes our first ever Bonus Link at no additional cost!  We briefly mention some new published research papers and take a trip in the Way Back Machine […]

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Some Quick Thoughts on Automotive Technology

DISCLAIMER: This post is just a chance to think out loud with you all a bit.  I’ve pondered the matter previously for about a grand total of 5 minutes. I just read an article over on Quartz about the fact that Tesla Motors just turned its first profit.  Good for them!  As a car guy and […]

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The Risk of Mass Shootings

The shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary last week were horrific.  There is no denying that fact.  Twenty-eight innocent people were murdered.  If that weren’t shocking enough, most of them were children.  This event and its aftermath are emotionally charged.  While we need to honor and respect that emotion, we also need to understand that it […]

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