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The Week that Was – Christmas Edition

I’ve been remiss on posting The Week That Was installments the past couple of weeks.  I’m hoping this marks me finally getting back on track. You’ll find that the “LOW to PWNED” series by Chris Gates takes up a lot of real estate this week.  I found hist blog series through another article and I […]

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The Week That Was – 10/8/2012

Light load this week, folks.  I was out scaring trout in the Pisgah National Forrest instead of reading up on current events.  Only commentary I have is that we now have SHA-3 [3] and someone takes one more kick at the dead horse that is password technology. [1] I suppose the Mega Droid project is […]

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RSA Recap Day 3: A Cloudy Day

Today started with a stereotypical cloudy rainy morning in San Francisco. This was appropriate because I spent a lot of time in the Cloud Security track and listened to a lot of panel conversations on the Cloud. The panel members worked for some pretty big companies like eBay, USAA, and Bank of America. I also […]

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Analogies for the Cloud

As I cross deeper into the Dark Side that is management, I find myself working with more and more non-technical people.  That’s to be expected and I need to find ways to communicate the technical information security risks associated with various technologies.  One of the best tools I’ve found to communicate these risks in a […]

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