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The Week that Was – 10/28/2013

Last week had a number of interesting developments.  Two of them involved the law, privacy, and security implications. First, the Third Circuit Court ruled that GPS tracking devices attached to vehicles require a probable cause warrant. [9]   I think this is an important ruling for privacy and the 4th Amendment.  I’m a proponent for […]

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A Brief Rant Regarding Facebook Privacy

Throwing metaphorical rocks at Facebook for the privacy practices seems to be pretty popular these days.  Here is a link to a recent effort showcased at the Hack In the Box conference.  Yes, you can reverse engineer Facebook’s social graph and stalk people.  Guess what, you can already stalk people on Facebook.  This is just […]

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The Week That Was – 10/18/2013

I’m getting back in the saddle this week.  Sorry for the long break. I have a bit of a mix this week.  Some are security-related and others aren’t, but they are still worth looking at.  Here are some items of note: There is big news from Oracle. The have issued a Patch-a-lanche™ for Java.  [8]  […]

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