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The Week That Was – 2013-05-13

I have a decent sized batch of links for you all this week.  As a warning, I’ll occasionally wander out of the purely INFOSEC or risk realms.  There are a couple of those items thrown in this week.  It’s important to look around at other subjects to give us perspective and insight.  Part of that […]

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Some Quick Thoughts on Automotive Technology

DISCLAIMER: This post is just a chance to think out loud with you all a bit.  I’ve pondered the matter previously for about a grand total of 5 minutes. I just read an article over on Quartz about the fact that Tesla Motors just turned its first profit.  Good for them!  As a car guy and […]

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The Week that Was – 2013.05.07

These links are a little stale so my apologies.  However, there are still some interesting tidbits in here.  Read on to hear some interesting stories about good data for risk assessments, data breaches, would be spies, and adventures in hardware decommissioning.

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